The Refuge is a faith based ministry located in Deer Park / Pasadena Texas area.

4317 Red Bluff Road, Pasadena, Texas 77503

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The Refuge

At CBF our mission is simple - to demonstrate God’s love through the provision of gently used clothing to those struggling with poverty. We do this through specific projects, often at the request of another charitable organizations, but also through individuals with nowhere else to go, who approach us for help. Most of the clothes we give away are gently used having been donated by members of the community but undergarments and socks are always supplied new. We rely on donations and the work of our volunteers to get the clothing to our clients.

How can an hour change a life? 

One bag of clothes - Free  

One child properly clothed - Life changing

An hour of your time to make this happen – Priceless

Clothed By Faith

Help fill up the Deer Park Food Bank!

The food bank is housed in the United Methodist Church in Deer Park.

Hours are Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm.

Interfaith Helping Hands

Truly Fed Ministries is a non-profit (501c3), nondenominational Christian ministry that invites people to an authenticity with God.  Stripping away our culture’s pull towards counterfeit longings; TFM encourages people to engage God through prayer, Bible study, and relationships.  Through books, speaking events, conferences, outreach in Uganda, and more—Truly Fed Ministries leads people to an inspiring huddle of hope and adventure; encouraging people to be Truly Fed and filled by God.

Truly Fed Ministries

Does your heart ever feel dehydrated? You’re not alone. A trickle of love just isn’t enough to replenish us – we need a SPLASH! Dive in with author and speaker Shelene Bryan to frank and fun conversations with her buddy Barbara Cameron and guests about marriage, parenting, faith, charity, and everything in between. It’s time to get splashed with plenty of love and laughter to rehydrate your soul.

Hopeful Hearts Ministry is a Christian faith-based, 501 c3 non-profit ministry dedicated to alleviate the suffering and restore the self worth of survivors of abuse by heaping them recognize the abuse they have suffered and bring it out of the darkness and into the light; understand they are not alone and the abuse they have endured does not define the person they are; and to overcome being a victim and realize the full potential of their lives.

Hopeful Hearts Ministry

Inspire Women was founded in 2003 with no money in the bank, just a clear vision from God for a ministry that would go beyond conferences to provide mentorship, support and investment to women looking to unlock their God-given potential. Since our founding, we have grown to invest millions in scholarships, grants and support for women of all races and economic backgrounds.

Through our Life Purpose Academy, inner circles, citywide events and, most importantly, the ministry work of the women we invest in around the world, we help women find their spark and follow their God-given calling.

Inspire Women

In 1994 Rwanda was torn apart by genocide. In just 100 days nearly one million people were killed in an attempt to completely wipe out the Tutsi population. The result was a country completely devasted socially and economically by war, and a people broken and traumatized by months of violence between friends and neighbors. In the 20 years since, Rwanda has seen unprecedented growth and development as a result of humanitarian aid and reconciliation efforts between the Hutus and Tutsis. However, nearly half of the popuation of this small landlocked country still live in poverty and many children live on the streets.
Word Made Flesh Rwanda is committed to participating in the movement of the Kingdom of God already at work in Kigali, Rwanda and in joining our Rwandan friends and neighbors in a vision of hope for the future of Rwanda. We are currently building friendships with vulnerable women and children in some of the poorer neighborhoods of Kigali..

Word Made Flesh

Our vision is to teach women young and old that God loves them and created them uniquely to fulfill a God ordained assignment while on this Earth. We do this by demonstrating to them that their life is not their own, but they have been charged to demonstrate Christ-like character and model this to the next generation.

Predestined for Greatness

During the past three years, as we have walked this beautiful adoption journey with God our Father by our side, He has guided us through this process and spoken to our hearts.  We have learned so much along the way, and stepped into greater levels of patience and peace with each passing milestone that brings us closer to our daughter. Praying for Anna Cheri to be home by the end of the summer of 2017.

A great desire God has put on hearts during this journey is about how we might can help others by bringing a greater awareness to the need for orphan care and the adoption process. The Anna Cheri Foundation mission is to inspire people around the world to orphan care either through adoption or support.  Each year we will be working to give a grant to one family who has been called to adopt. In addition to this, we want to share adoption stories as a way to inspire others who may be considering adoption, or looking for ways to help children have a forever family.


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