Mission Statement

Renewed by Faith is about women coming together, regardless of denomination, to worship, fellowship, find a deeper relationship with Jesus and, most importantly, pray for each other.

Core Values

Encourage - Encouraging the renewed woman

Minister - Ministering to the restored heart

Serve - Being the hands and feet of Jesus

Worship - Worship is more than music. True worship is a matter of the heart expressed through a lifestyle of Holiness

We believe that God, who is perfect and whole, sent His only son Jesus to earth in human form through a virgin birth. Jesus lived a sin-free life. He paid our debts through being crucified on a cross (John 3:16), but rose to life 3 days later and is now sitting in Heaven at the right hand of God. Through his death and resurrection, we are now able to receive salvation through a faith and belief in Jesus Christ as our one and only savior, so that we can spend eternity in Heaven.  We also believe that once you are saved, you are a renewed creation (Romans 12:2), and nothing can take that away from you (John 10:28). Through salvation, the Holy Spirit lives in you providing guidance for your daily walk with Christ (Acts 1:8). 

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